New WhatsAppClone V3.1 updates. Facebook Messanger themes.

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Official WhatsApp clone V3.1 has improvement to V3.0 we added new features as well. with amazing discount
File sharing
Realtime typing indicator
Messaging System 100% Like Facebook Messanger
Sound Notifications
Image lightbox & more amazing feature

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As whatsApp clone V4.1 is on it's way here, grab this version with an amazing discount, it's now at only 18$. Enjoy

Easy Customization
whatsapp clone V3.1 is built on Popular programming languages that you use everyday (html5,css3 & Javascript) integration to your existing website will be just Quick! 30 minutes Max.
Super Fast
The Speed of whatsapp clone V3.1 is guaranted. This Version is build on Popular languages like (Nodejs & Websocket-> why would you doubt its capacity try the demo now!
Save Money
Pay once get future Updates for Free,We have been working for you guys and We believe that your support can still make us bring for you more great stuff. pay as little as 25$ today and get more updates up to Mobile WebSite very soon for free and Support of six months.
Simple and clean UI
whatsapp clone V3.1 is inspired by whatsapp web UI very simple and clean.This script will work in All Major browsers except Internet explorer.
Proven Technology
whatsapp clone V3.1 is built on technology that popular company like twitter,facebook,google and many Others use.
100% Satisfaction
If you have ever or never downloaded our whatsapp clone V3.0 I assure you that this is 100% different & cool. Clean & commented Source code,Realtime, Super simple and Fast.

100% Fun While chatting .

Fast, fun, simple , elegant and clean.

Clean Source code

whatsapp clone v3.1 Source code are fully commented, No confusion at all, even if you're not familiar with Nodejs or Other frame work like Passport or Express. So long as you have a clue on Javascript you can still customize the source code to your website requirement.

Amazing Smileys & emoji
User Profile Picture!
Amazing Notification

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Version 3.0

  • WhatsApp web theme
  • Built on
  • Html5,css3
  • Nodejs & Express
  • NodeMysql
  • Websocket->
  • Passport

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Version 3.1

  • Has New Features than V3.0
  • Facebook messanger theme
  • Built on
  • Html5,css3
  • Nodejs & Express
  • NodeMysql
  • Websocket->
  • Passport

paypal & Download

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